Meet the Herd

Spirit is an Arab cross who loves attention, comes from the heart space and encourages playfulness. He is engaged, connected and shows you where your boundaries are. He works with the different dimensions to clear what no longer serves you. Spirit has a gift of bringing people back in balance.


Sassy is a female miniature horse who, despite her size holds her own space and is so much more than meets the eye. She is a little feisty and at the same time has a tenderness and gentle presence. She works to clear with ancestral baggage, encourages vulnerability and playfulness. Sassy teaches how to stand up for yourself and she is the Queen of building space and setting boundaries.
Addi-Mae is an Arab X Tennessee Walker who knows how to stand her ground. She teaches boundary setting and holding personal space. She teaches the art of connection without physical touch.
Ricky is a Quarter Horse who doesn’t let anyone push him around. He is a survivor, confident in who he is and loves to work with younger boys. He is talkative, knickers softly and an easy going kind of horse who doesn’t hesitate to take a nap during a session if he needs to. He is a “been there, done that” kind of horse with a lot of wisdom. Ricky is a strong teacher when it comes to standing in your power, knowing what you want and self care. He can clear and move energy quickly.
Diesel is a Thoroughbred gelding who has a nice calm, quiet presence. He is a gentle giant and his role in the herd is healing and bringing out our stories to foster connection and a sense of belonging.  
Chicken Nugget