Horse Guided Healing Facilitator Training

Do you feel inspired to learn how to facilitate and offer Horse Guided Healing Sessions? 
This unique 6 month mentoring program will teach you:
~ how to read the horse's behaviour and responses as a way to shine light on the inner road map to look within and heal
~ how to open your intuitive channel and trust your intuition as you receive messages for your clients
~ how to discern and interpret the horses behaviour as they mirror what the client needs to see and feel in order to heal
~ the connection between stress and anxiety and dis-ease and illness and how horses can help calm the nervous system and reduce stress hormones
~ how to support your clients to expose and move through blocks creating a bridge between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 
~ how to hold space for the client and your equine partners to provide deep, meaningful and transformative sessions 
~ how to set up the environment to foster ​space for their mind, body and soul to rest, recover, rejuvenate and heal
~ how to help your equine partners heal their own wounds and history so they can be clear channels to facilitate healing
~ how to protect and sustain your own energy before, during and after sessions
~ how to heal self by learning how to process your own blocks, fears and emotions on a regular basis to keep your intuitive channel open and clear
If you are curious if this training is for you contact us to book a free discovery session.